Daily Cupcake Flavors

$3.75 Single cupcake
$21.00 Half a dozen
$38.00 Dozen cupcakes
$1.50 Pup cakes

Chocolate Cream

Chocolate Cake Fudge Icing Filled With Vanilla Buttercream


Chocolate Cake Chocolate Buttercream Topped With Chocolate Curls

Hot Fudge Sundae

Chocolate Cake Vanilla Buttercream Fillled With Fudge Topped With Peanuts, Whipped Icing, Drizzled In Fudge, Cherry on Top

Peanutbutter Cup

Chocolate Cake Peanutbutter Cream Cheese Topped with Peanutbutter Cup Crumbles

Caramel Crunch

Chocolate Cake Caramel Icing Topped With Pretzels and Sea Salt

Pink Chocolate

Chocolate Cake Vanilla Buttercream Topped With Pink Sugar Crystals

Cookies N Cream

Chocolate Cake Oreo Cookie Buttercream Topped With Cookie Crumbles

Pink Vanilla

Vanilla Cake Vanilla Buttercream Topped With Pink Sugar Crystals

Vanilla N Chocolate

Vanilla Cake Chocolate Buttercream Topped With Chocolate Curls

Birthday Cake

Vanilla Cake Vanilla Buttercream Dipped in Birthday Sprinkles

Lemon Drop

Vanilla Cake Lemon Buttercream Filled With Lemon Filling

Wedding Cake

Almond Cake Almond Buttercream Topped with Candy Pearls

Famous Red Velvet

Red Velvet Cake Cream Cheese And Topped With Toasted Pecan

Daily Ice Cream Flavors

$3.50 Scoop
$6.50 Double Scoop
$8.50 Pint
$1.00 Waffle Cone
$6.00 Ice Cream Shake
$7.50 Cupcake Shake
$7.50 Smash
$4.50 Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Mint Chocolate Chip

Creamy mint ice cream layered with chocolate piece

Birthday Cake

Creamy vanilla ice cream layered with birthday sprinkles


Fudgy decadent chocolate ice cream

Cookies N Cream

Creamy cookie ice cream layered with cookie crumbles

Red Velvet

Creamy cream cheese ice cream layered with red velvet cupcakes

Salted Caramel Crunch

Caramel Ice cream infused with house made caramel

Vanilla Bean

Creamy Madagascar bourbon vanilla ice cream

24 Karrot

Cream cheese ice cream infused with carrot cake cupcakes

Lily’s Strawberry

Smooth strawberry ice cream made with fresh strawberries.

Snickers Cup

Creamy Caramel cream layered with Snickers crumbles